I’m a lover of nature, family, dogs, the smell of frangiapanis and my moms Sunday roast, the wind in the trees, trees! gardening, cooking and eating! My style, taking pictures of people when they don’t know, it captures a true raw essence of their being. My love of photography started when I saw my brother taking pictures when I was younger, sadly he passed away but his Pentax K1000 was handed down to me and is still very much in use. I studied photography at the CTSP and met a variety of amazing, creative, talented people and have treasured the lessons it taught me about life and myself. I am a true perfectionist, apparently not a bad thing in this industry and take my work very seriously. There is nothing better than a memory captured that tells a story, one that makes you smile, laugh, cry…this is my mission when shooting. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for this beautiful city.


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